The History of World Cup Football

The FIFA World Cup (often called the Football World Cup or simply the World Cup) is the most important competition in international football (soccer), and the world's most representative team sport event. Organised by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's governing body, the World Cup is contested by the men's national football teams of FIFA member nations. The championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930 (except in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II), however it is more of an ongoing event as the qualifying rounds of the competition take place over the three years preceding the final rounds.The final tournament phase (often called the "Finals") involves 32 national teams competing over a four-week period in a previously nominated host nation, with these games making it the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world.[1] In the 17 tournaments held, only seven nations have ever won the World Cup Finals. Brazil are the current holders, as well as the most successful World Cup team, having won the tournament five times, while Germany and Italy follow with three titles each. The next football World Cup Finals will be held in Germany.

The first international football match was played in 1872 between England and Scotland, although at this stage the sport was rarely played outside Great Britain. As football began to increase in popularity, it was held as a demonstration sport (with no medals awarded) at the 1900, 1904 and 1906 Summer Olympics before football became an official competition at the 1908 Summer Olympics. Organised by England's Football Association, the event was for amateur players only and was regarded suspiciously as a show rather than a competition. The England national amateur football team won the event in both 1908 and 1912.

With the Olympic event continuing to be contested only between amateur teams, Sir Thomas Lipton organised the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy tournament in Turin in 1909. The competition is often described as The First Women's World Cup,and featured the most prestigious professional club sides from Italy, Germany and Switzerland. The first tournament was won by West Auckland, an amateur side from north-east England that was invited after the Football Association refused to be associated with the competition. West Auckland returned in 1911 to successfully defend their title, and were given the trophy to keep forever, as per the rules of the competition.

In 1914, FIFA agreed to recognise the Olympic tournament as a "world football championship for amateurs", and took responsibility for organising the event. This led the way for the world's first intercontinental football competition, at the 1924 Summer Olympics. Uruguay won the tournament,before winning the gold medal again in 1928, with another South American team, Argentina, taking silver. In 1928 FIFA made the decision to stage their own international tournament. With Uruguay now two-time official football world champions and due to celebrate their centenary of independence in 1930, FIFA named Uruguay as the host country.

The 1932 Summer Olympics, held in Los Angeles, did not plan to include football as part of the programme due to the low popularity of football in the United States. FIFA and the IOC also disagreed over the status of amateur players, and so football was dropped from the Games.FIFA president Jules Rimet thus set about organising the inaugural World Cup tournament to be held in Uruguay in 1930. The national associations of selected nations were invited to send a team, but the choice of Uruguay as a venue for the competition meant a long and costly trip across the Atlantic Ocean for European sides. Indeed, no European country pledged to send a team until two months before the start of the competition.Rimet eventually persuaded teams from Belgium, France, Romania, and Yugoslavia to make the trip. In total 13 nations took part -- seven from South America, four from Europe and two from North America.

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Got New Carpeting? Keep It New With Carpet Protection

So you've finally replaced the worn-out carpets in your home! You must be thrilled to have gotten rid of the shabby, stained, worn carpeting in your home and replaced it with brand-new flooring.

Of course, now you're probably wondering how long it will be before those bright new floors look just as bad as the old ones. Pets will track in mud from outside and shed hair all over the floor, kids will spill their drinks and grind crumbs into the fibers, and high-traffic areas will soon look dingy and matted. What can you do to prevent this?

One quick and easy option to keep the worst stains from destroying your carpeting is to use a spray product to repel stains and water damage. By regularly treating your carpets (as well as furniture or other upholstered surfaces) you'll ensure that any spills will just bead up on the surface instead of soaking in, so that they can be cleaned up quickly and easily. You'll still want to keep an eye on things to make sure any spills are wiped up promptly, but the repellent spray will be a great safeguard in case you can't get there immediately.

If you have a busy, messy household--and let's face it, who doesn't?--and repellent spray just isn't going to cut it, you can always try plastic carpet protection. When you think of this method of Carpet Protection, you might be imagining a fussy grandmother's house where all the furniture is encased in plastic, but don't worry about that! Modern carpet protection films are heavy-duty but subtle, so you can keep your new floors safe without ruining your aesthetic. After you roll it onto the floor, you'll barely even notice it.

And rest assured that it will stand up to heavy traffic! After you've laid down carpet protection in high-traffic areas, you won't have to worry about scuffs, spills, or stains for as long as six weeks. Kids can play, dogs can run in and out, and you can even move your furniture over the film without tearing it. It's even self-adhesive so it won't bunch up or slide around!

When you feel like rearranging your furniture, of course you'll want to keep it from scuffing the carpet. Furniture sliders are the perfect solution to this problem. The best ones are constructed with smooth bottoms to slide easily across the floor and foam tops to keep the legs of the furniture from slipping off. Not only will they prevent damage, but they'll also make it much easier to move heavy couches and tables to their new places.

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Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home 

In a strong real estate market, as currently exists in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA), it's easy to imagine one simply needs to throw up a sign and the offers will come in. But it rarely (if ever) works that way. Real estate in Eagle Rock and homes in Highland Park are in demand, but that sure doesn't mean a seller doesn't have to perform due diligence to find the right agent. A selling agent will make sure the home is made to be maximally attractive and sell at the best price, working on behalf of the current owners and their best interests.

So what makes the best choice in Realtors? Your ideal selling agent offers the following:

Experience in the area and the types of homes - A good real estate agent in Northeast Los Angeles absolutely will have experience in single family residences because the inventory of homes for sale in Pasadena, Glassell Park, Hermon, Eagle Rock and Highland Park is rich with bungalows, mid-century moderns (MCMs) and Victorian homes. But the condo market in each of these towns is strong as well. Some agents consult with colleagues who specialize in one or the other.

Will share references of past clients - The relative success of a Realtor is defined by what they have sold in the past. Of course, both sellers and buyers need to complete their transactions with some degree of satisfaction. So ask to speak with at least five past clients to learn how well things went: ask about the hunting phase, negotiating, the guidance they offered to find a lender, in the closing process and after the closing.

Will market it using appropriate tactics - The Internet has upended the world of selling homes in that so many first "showings" are done online. So your agent should be adept with photography, videography and placement of that imagery on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, as well as real estate online portals Zillow, Trulia Nashville. But note that not all tools work for all types of properties in all locales. Ask your agent questions as to what is selected and why. Once the property is posted online, you will be able to see the traffic it gets and perhaps get feedback as well.

Is communicative - How do you prefer to communicate (particularly when at work)? If you want to text, or email, or speak by voice, your Realtor should be able to do the same. You are the customer, after all. If you are at work in Pasadena but your home in Mt. Washington or Garvanza might have a last-minute buyer, minute-by-minute communication can be critical.

Provides gently blunt advice -This is sometimes referred to as the "your children are ugly" conversation. Almost every home seller will need to make physical changes to the property and sometimes accept price compromises in order to get a sales contract. Do not take constructive criticism personally - listen to what your agent knows from his or her work in the field to get rid of a sofa, change a rug, clean out closets or lower your price expectations. They share your ultimate interests - to sell the property - so the advice is always genuine. Your "child" just needed a new haircut and braces, in most cases.

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Best Car Detailing Tips And Techniques

Maintaining the condition of your vehicle can prevent significant depreciation by keeping it clean and protecting the bodywork against deterioration. Removing the sand and grit that settle on the surface can prevent the paint from eroding or sustaining scratches. There are a number of techniques to apply and products to use to ensure that the paint and features are best maintained.

Scratches, rust, and chipped paint can result from the accumulation of dirt and poor cleaning methods. Using improper products including dishwasher liquid can remove the shine from the body and degrade the overall appeal of the car that can take time and money to restore. To prevent degrading the vehicle and ensure that it remains well maintained, there are a number of washing techniques that can be applied to keep cars looking as good as new.

Invest in good wash and wax products that are developed for use with vehicles and provide extra protection against regular scuffs and sand. These ranges have been developed with quality compounds to create a barrier of protection for Car Detailing. These items are important when regular washes are performed and should never be replaced with soaps or household detergents that could compromise the appeal and the integrity of bodywork.

Do not wash a vehicle by applying the product to the body without rinsing the exterior first. Washing a car with the grit and sand remaining on the metal work will cause minor scratches and general deterioration that affects the overall shine and appeal of the paintwork. Simply removing the dirt with a simple rinse can prevent against these scuffs and ensure that the exterior is well maintained.

When keeping vehicles in mint condition, it requires the maintenance of the interior and the exterior. One of the most common causes for poor air conditioner service or the presence of foul odors inside the automobile includes the accumulation of dirt and dust in the vents of the system. Keeping the interior smelling new and fresh includes clearing the vents of grime and grit blowing air into the vents and wiping with a soft clean cloth.

All metallic features must be carefully cleaned and maintained with the use of compatible auto products. Keeping the mirrors and rims in good condition includes the use of the right products that will remove scuffs and improve its shine. Taking the necessary steps can assist in producing exceptional results to keep the motor vehicle in the best possible condition.

Use the correct tools to wash the car to prevent scratching the surface or failure to produce a natural shine. The application of a soft sponge with circular motions along the body can remove dirt while producing a high shine. Do not make use of regular products or brushes that could cause additional damages.

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De voordelen die u van fysiotherapie krijgt

Fysiotherapie is een sterk aanbevolen behandeling voor mensen die lijden aan chronische pijn, zoals reumatoïde artritis, fibromyalgie en zelfs pijnen die gepaard gaan met bepaalde aandoeningen, zoals hyperthyreoïdie. Het is bewezen zeer effectief in het verminderen van pijn en het herstellen van de "normale" of betere kwaliteit van leven.

Hieronder staan ​​andere voordelen die u kunt krijgen van Fysiotherapie Almelo.

Een goede ademhaling is erg belangrijk bij het omgaan met pijn. Wanneer paniek toeslaat op het hoogtepunt van je meest intense pijnniveau, moet je ervoor zorgen dat je goed ademt, zodat organen in je lichaam goed kunnen werken. Met de juiste ademhaling wordt zuurstof in uw lichaam verdeeld.

Fysiotherapie kan ook mensen helpen om hun gewicht te beheersen. Sommige welzijnsprofessionals wijzen erop dat degenen die zich bezighouden met herstel in welke conditie ze ook lijden, hun gewicht beter kunnen beheren als ze fysiotherapie ondergaan.

Complicaties van astma en slaapapneu kunnen worden voorkomen met de beweging van uw borst en nek. Met een zorgvuldig ontworpen oefening worden de symptomen van beide aandoeningen effectief aangepakt.

Fysiotherapie heeft een goed afgeronde aanpak van genezing. Afgezien van het behandelen van pijn, kan het je lichaam leren sommige taken op een bepaalde manier uit te voeren om pijn te voorkomen. Pijnen die kunnen optreden wanneer u uw dagelijkse taken uitvoert, zoals huishoudelijk werk, kunnen met deze behandeling worden voorkomen.

Voor vrouwen die een buikoperatie hebben ondergaan zoals hysterectomie of degenen die een zwangerschap en bevalling hebben ondergaan, is het gebruikelijk om urinaire en darmincontinentie, pijnlijke geslachtsgemeenschap, liespijn, enz. Te ervaren. Oefeningen die de kern versterken en het lichaam leren ontspannen deze bekkenbodemaandoeningen.

U leert het beste type kleding en schoenen dat u voor uw herstel kunt gebruiken. Uw behandelsessies leren u niet alleen de beweging die u moet doen, maar helpen u ook bij het kiezen van de noodzakelijke items zoals schoenen om u te ondersteunen.

Fysiotherapiebehandelingen helpen de beweging en functie te herstellen wanneer u wordt getroffen door letsel, ziekte of handicap. Door oefening, therapie en advies zult u in staat zijn om pijn te beheersen en ziekte te voorkomen.

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Get All the Sports Breaking News Online

Are you an avid soccer fan? Or perhaps golf is your sport? Want to stay updated with the latest cricketing news from around the world? Irrespective of the particular sport you are interested in, the internet offers you the opportunity to stay updated with the latest breaking News for your favorite sports as it happens.

The internet is a fascinating medium of communication to say the least. With technological advancements taking place all around us, people now have access to the internet practically everywhere. Every building is equipped with Wi-Fi broadband and even otherwise we can easily access the internet with our mobile phones from anywhere and at any time. This makes the internet an excellent platform to use especially when it comes to keeping up with the latest happenings in your favorite sports.

There are many websites on the internet dedicated to provide news for a particular sport. If however, you follow more than one sport then the best way to keep yourself updated is to follow the sports section of a leading news blogs. In such cases you will be able to find a vast array of breaking news on a variety of different sports. This will save you time and effort while keeping you informed of the latest developments from around the world.

Some news blogs even offer live updates of matches going on at the moment. For instance you will be able to get ball by ball updates of a cricket match or the updated score during a soccer match of your interest. In many cases you can even sub scribe to the RSS feed for your favorite sports news and get an instant alert the moment some newsworthy event breaks.

Apart from keeping you updated on your favorite sports breaking news, these blogs also offer valuable insight into the sports in the form of articles, blog posts, videos and even original sports programs. If you are an avid follower of a particular sport then you will surely enjoy the opportunity to get all this extra information and gossip surrounding the sport.

Another interesting opportunity granted to sports enthusiasts by these online news blogs is the option to vent out your anger or express your joy over the latest performance of their favorite teams in the form of comments on articles, statistics and latest news. We all know how emotional sports fans can get and the opportunity to express your feelings as your read the news is just priceless. By the way, these news blogs are also priceless to access. In other words, they are totally free! You don't have to pay a dime to stay up to date with the breaking news on your favorite sport.

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About the Baby Pillow and Playing it Safe

Many baby pillows with various types of design and decoration are available at stores and craft shows. These lovely creations are tempting for new parents or someone shopping for a unique baby gift to purchase. But is a baby head shape pillow safe for your baby? If you receive a baby pillow as a gift or purchase one for your child, there are some chilling facts you must know before you place the pillow in the crib with your baby.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is the leading cause of death in the United States for infants one month to one year of age. In the early 90s, based on reports out of Europe and Australia, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a recommendation that babies not be placed on their tummies for sleep. As a result of the recommendation from the AAP, the Back To Sleep initiative was started in 1994 through the leadership of several national agencies.

Following this, various studies and surveys were conducted to evaluate the relevance of this change on the occurrence of SIDS. These studies showed the rate of SIDS decreased by 50%, but other related factors were also discovered. In 2005, an AAP task force released a new statement, which included several recommendations. Foremost, babies must be laid to sleep on the back only, not on the side. Included in the recommendations was a clearly defined list of items to place in the crib: a firm mattress, a fitted sheet, and the baby. If a bumper pad is used it must not be a loose, fluffy type. There should be no baby pillow, stuffed toys, etc. in the crib with the infant. In response to increased incidence of flat head syndrome, alternate methods of prevention were advised. The AAP felt the use of alternate positioning or a baby pillow were not worth risking SIDS.

There is a baby pillow on the market, called Baby Sleep Positioner, which includes the recommendations for SIDS prevention in its advertising. The baby pillow sleep positioner is made of memory foam and keeps the infant in the recommended position, while cushioning the back of the head. The AAP is careful to state it does not endorse any products for use in the crib other than those it lists. Prior to using the baby pillow sleep positioner, parents should first seek the advice of their Pediatrician to be safe.

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What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

"What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. is an excellent book on the power of the mind. It is another great book on the subject.

Allow me to share a personal story about my own experience with this book.

It came into my life in about 2005. A time when I first began taking my network marketing business seriously. A side-line friend and I were talking, well, I was griping and complaining, about the setbacks I was experiencing with regard to forward motion in my business.

This friend started pointing out the power of my own words - the power my own words had upon myself!

The teaching of my parents came to my mind...the information they shared with me growing up...and I began asking questions. He just said, "What To Say When You How to Talk to Yourself, by Shad Helmstetter.

He said that he had picked up the book in a thrift store (for 25 cents!) and he ran out to his car and gave me his copy. I promptly devoured it. I just couldn't put it down until I had imprinted it on my brain. I read it cover to cover.

Wanna know what I learned? I learned that it is important to know the power of what you SAY has on your ability to reach your goals.

I also learned the importance of subconscious programming. Brainwashing? Well, sort of. But think about it more like Brain know, clearing out the garbage and making room for better stuff.

Is there any argument over the fact that whether you believe you can or believe you cannot you are absolutely correct?

I hope not. I live my life by that motto. It has proven to be true time after time. It is important to know that your subconscious mind is NOT in control. It is your conscious mind that runs the show. If you don't control what goes into subconscious mind it will believe whatever seeps into it.

Let's say you are watching a rather violent and graphic movie. If you don't TELL yourself that it is just play acting, pretending, and the actor will get up from the scene and walk away to be in another movie another day then your subconscious mind will believe that what you are seeing is REAL.

Shad Helmstetter, in "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself," tells about his experiences with helping people who want to stop smoking. He taught them to speak to themselves with great conviction thus reprogramming their minds to believe that they are no longer smokers. He continues in great detail about success story after success story from his work.

Since reading "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" I have had other information come into my life that both confirms and builds upon the concepts that I learned from this mind-altering book. I highly recommend this one.

I hope you will take it to heart that you can change the circumstances in your own life by changing your mind. Talk yourself into success!

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The brand became a favorite around the globe when it launched its iconic Beyond Burger, a vegan patty made from pea protein that looks, cooks, and tastes like beef – it even “bleeds,” thanks to the addition of beet juice.

Now, Beyond Meat has its sights set on other areas of the plant-based meat market. CEO Ethan Brown revealed to CNBC, “We want to make bacon, we want to make steak, we want to make the most intricate and beautiful pieces of meat.”

Meat-free bacon and steak are more difficult to produce than vegan ground meat products due to the foods’ structure, according to Ecovative, IKEA’s packaging supplier that used its mushroom technology to make vegan bacon. “When you talk to the folks who do plant-based burgers, the goal is to do a bacon cheeseburger,” the company said.

Beyond Meat Bacon has attracted a number of high-profile investors including Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio as well as players in the meat industry; Don Thompson, the former CEO of McDonald’s, and Tyson Foods, America’s largest meat processor.

Burger-lovers can now find the Beyond Burger in thousands of supermarkets across the United States including Whole Foods, Safeway, and Kroger, as well as restaurants like TGI Fridays and Carl’s Jr. Hotels and sports stadiums have gotten on board, too. Across the pond, the patty is a success in the UK where it is sold in leading supermarket Tesco and restaurant chain Honest Burgers, known for its meat-heavy burgers.

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Beyond Sausage Review

Before I went vegan, I was a fiend for Italian sausage. Half of my family is Italian, so I have fond memories of the sausages that would always make their way onto the dinner table. As much as I loved the taste of this meat, though, it eventually became more important to me to follow the tenets of a vegan lifestyle, so I happily gave up all animal products. Plus, I've always wanted a pet pig named Cedric, and I couldn't ever imagine eating him!

Recently I learned, though, that I don't have to give up sausage entirely, because Beyond Meat has created a brand new plant-based sausage ($9 for a 4-pack) — the first in the world of its kind. I've tried the Beyond Meat burger before and liked it, so I had high hopes for these sausages.

There are three different flavors: Original Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, and Spicy Italian. Each serving has 16 grams of plant-based protein, and it boasts 43 percent less total fat, 38 percent less saturated fat, 27 percent less calories, and 26 percent less sodium than the traditional sausage. It's also naturally cholesterol-free with no hormones, nitrites, nitrates, GMOs, soy, or gluten.

But how does it taste? This is the million-dollar question. I'm happy to report that the Beyond Meat sausage is beyond delicious. First of all, I was shocked at the smell of it as I was cooking it in my cast-iron skillet. It browned beautifully and filled my whole house with a juicy, irresistible scent. Each link sizzled and snapped in the pan like any other pork sausage might.

After they finished cooking all the way through, I cut through with a steak knife and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. The texture of each sausage was not at all what I expected — it's so similar to traditional sausage that it was almost unbelievable.

My husband (who is also vegan) and I tried both the Original Bratwurst and Sweet Italian, and we were nearly fighting for the last few slices by the end of it because both flavors were so tasty. Out of all the vegan meat we've tried over the years — from burgers to hot dogs to breakfast sausage links — we can both say definitively, without a doubt, that this is by far the best plant-based variation we've ever had.

The best part is, Beyond Sausage are available for purchase at Whole Foods. So whether you're vegetarian or vegan, or you're just trying to cut back on meat to preserve the environment, these are easily accessible for purchase.

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