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10 Annoying Habits of Dogs

There are most dog people agree that dogs are awesome. Dogs are always excited to see you, they lick your crumbs up off the floor and there are the ultimate cuddle buddies, but even when dogs are being awesome, they still do things that are downright annoying. Each dog parent will face some of these annoying dog habits.

  1. Shedding Everywhere

When you welcomed your furry friend into the family, you knew they were going to shed but piles of fur over and under every surface was not exactly what you had in mind. Of course, you love your baby but sweeping and vacuuming every second of every day does tend to get a tad annoying.

Is it normal? Yes it is. It’s normal to have hair grow, mature and fall out, that’s all part of the normal dog hair lifecycle. However, excess shedding can be an indication of infection or disease that requires veterinary consideration. That is the reason it's essential to decide the ordinary shedding pattern of your dog and monitor it for changes.

  1. Chewing on anything and everything

You could go to the pet store and buy your pup the most expensive chew toy around but they won’t care they’d rather chew on the carpet, your shoes, the drapes, garbage bags, your toes.

  1. Licking while you are trying to sleep.

You put on your pajamas, turn off the lights, get snuggled under the sheets and prepare to doze off into a blissful sleep and then your dog starts licking himself. You left with one thought, lick yourself in the morning like a normal dog.

Licking that begins as love often gets fortified by an individual's response: snickering, grinning, and so on. Perhaps your dog is exhausted or lonely. There you are and he needs your attention. Indeed, even negative consideration can support licking. This article answers why dogs lick people.

  1. Barking for no reason

There are perhaps nothing more startling and annoying than your dog barking out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, may be they heard a noise you didn’t or the wind picked up outside but for you as the human these random barks are both annoying and terrifying especially if it happens in the middle of night.

A few young doggies, in any case, experience serious difficulties adjusting to another home and vocalize their inconvenience. While this is an exceptionally typical conduct in young pups, it is less basic to hear a grown-up or senior dogs barking unnecessary, particularly if the behavior begins with no known trigger.

  1. Begging for everything

It really doesn’t matter if you are eating carrots or potato chips if there is food out, your dog wants it. The begging tactics vary from dog to dog but for the most part they include soft whimpering puppy dog eyes and occasionally a paw on the thigh regardless it’s not cute, it’s annoying.

Since most dogs like the similar kinds of foods that we do, it's not amazing that they're attracted to great smells, too.

  1. Messy eating and drinking

Some dogs are messy eaters and drinkers; it makes you wonder why you bothered putting it into a bow. In the first place, days later you find yourself picking up Kimmel bits form under the sofa and in a number of other locations that are not even remotely close to the food bowl.

When dogs drink water, dogs hit their tongues on the water effectively to take more water into their mouths. Likewise, a dog's tongue is formed in such an approach to improve the power with which it splashes the water. In this manner, dogs depend on sheer power to intake water.

  1. Whining during car rides

Why dogs whine during car rides; we may never understand. They are the ones who begged to go for a car ride in the first place but the second they get in a car and the wheels start turning, they start crying. The real annoying part is they don’t stop until you arrive at your destination even if it’s hours away.

Whining in dogs in the vehicle might be activated by the expectation of something the dog fears or the expectation of something he anticipates doing. Stress can be of any type, it may positive or negative. Your dog may probably have a love or hate association with the car.

  1. Overall inappropriate behavior

Sometimes dogs forget their manners and do oddly inappropriate things right out on the open. Whether its butt scooting across the carpet, licking their private parts or humping a visitor’s legs. The lack of decency is both embarrassing and annoying.

Regularly overlooked mental stimulation is required for a dog. Mental exercise can be similarly as tiring as physical; somebody who works at a work area employment can be as worn out toward the day's end as an exterior decorator. Using your dog's every day rations for nourishment improvement exercises or for a touch of training as regularly as you can go far toward tiring your dog mentally.

Hiding your dog's dinner or spreading the meal in the yard can be an enhancement movement. Dogs love to rummage or work for their suppers.

  1. Slobbering on everything

Not all dogs slobber but for the dog parents that do own slobbery pups, it’s really annoying. Forget about wearing socks around the house. The chance you’ll step in a big pile of slobber is way too risky. If you want to cuddle you better have a raincoat nearby because you are getting soaked.

  1. Leash Pulling

Not all dogs want to follow, some want to lead but that gets really annoying when all you are trying to do is go for a nice walk. Your dog has been for a walk a million times yet for reason they think nearly pulling your arm off if ok but it’s not and it just gets on your nerves.

Dogs pull on the rope since it works – it gets them where they need to go. Dogs are basically hedonists. They do what make them feel good. They are very practical – they do what works.

Asbestos Survey Chester

Property holders may need to in the long run experience the difficulty of private asbestos expulsion. In spite of knowing about the hurtful impacts of six cancer-causing asbestos minerals, makers and governments chose that the advantages were more prominent than the conceivable unsafe impacts. Therefore, the utilization of asbestos wound up across the board after World War II, particularly in structure materials. Presently mortgage holders face genuine wellbeing perils, money related weights, and potential claims because of the cancer-causing asbestos.


Mortgage holders for the most part have a decision of disregarding the Asbestos Survey Leeds, taking reduction estimations, or evacuation. It's exceptionally prescribed to disregard asbestos if it's in great condition. Be that as it may, the area and measure of harm to the asbestos will be the essential main factors among decrease and evacuation.


Reduction measures are commonly more affordable and may diminish the wellbeing dangers made by working with asbestos. The reduction measures can either be embodiment (fixing or restricting the strands with a sealant) or fenced in area (covering or encompassing the asbestos to avoid arrival of the filaments). Either strategy can be utilized for major or minor fixes. The cons to decrease measures are that the asbestos stays set up and may need fixing or evacuation sometime in the future. The reduction measure taken may make later evacuation and fixes increasingly troublesome and exorbitant.


The masters to expulsion are that once the asbestos has been appropriately expelled, there's not the same number of asbestos-related wellbeing, budgetary, or legitimate stresses to adapt to. The cons to expulsion are that there's a higher danger of introduction during the genuine evacuation process, and the procedure is pricey. It's likewise essential to recall that any asbestos that was utilized for insulating must be supplanted with another kind of insulating material.

Female Fitness

Living healthy is important in the life of human beings, this is because you will be able to carry out your daily activities and at the same time monitor the upbringing of you loved ones especially children.


In the recent past, many people lost their lives at tender ages; this is because they were not able to take of their bodies. When it comes to taking of the body, there are many things that are required though many people will argue that all the body requires if food. This is not the case in the modern world for many people have adapted to programs that are meant to aid the functioning of the body.


Modere Trim Reviews

Modere Weight Loss-The Reviews and Does it work?


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Why Use A Real Estate Agent To Buy

Why use a real estate agent?  In this video I explain why the relationship with your real estate agent is so important. 


Having a relationship with a real estate agent whom you are comfortable with and whom you trust can benefit you multiple ways whether you are a buyer or seller. 


Sometimes the relationship your real estate agent has with other agents can make the difference between whether you get the house of your dreams or not.


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Award Winning Contemporary Miami architects | Fort Lauderdale | RNA

We should acknowledge that it was one of the best American architects, Mies van der Rohe, the architect who designed the 1st Glass House. Due to litigation, Ms Farnsworth did not allow Mies to name her home as the Glass House, but the follower Philip Johnson did. You can imagine how Mies van der Rohe felt when he saw Philip Johnson naming his design as the 1st Glass House.
Fort Lauderdale architects, Rex Nichols Architect (RNA) designed a contemporary version of the modern house"the Glass House" (named Farnsworth House) designed by Mies van der Rohe.
The view within this home will be — everything. A developer is ready to begin construction of an all-glass house in Fort Lauderdale’s posh Las Olas Isles neighborhood. The modern home will feature an open floor plan with floor-to-ceiling, unobstructed views of the back garden. A wrap-around, L- shaped pool, Jacuzzi and waterfall will be accessible through exposed sliding glass doors at the back of the home.
Jeff Hendricks Developers Inc. will construct the four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom residence in Fort Lauderdale. It “absolutely” will have hurricane-impact glass, said Jeff Hendricks, president of the South Florida development firm. “Every home has its own identity,” he said. “It’s where art meets architecture, where it becomes one.” Hendricks said “contemporary homes are evolving.” The key is be “creative with new design, work with the top architecture firms in the US, and be innovative with new luxury homes.”
by Lisa J. Huriash Contact Reporter Sun Sentinel
According to the press release, the contemporary architects RNA estimate that “the Glass House” will cost about $5 million once its completed mid-2019. Located less than an hour outside of Miami-Dade County, the house is within two miles from Fort Lauderdale beach.
In a press release, included in the top Miami architects, the design leader of RNA for contemporary architecture, Alex Penna says the home’s inspiration came from adding a contemporary aesthetic to a similar steel and glass house constructed in 1945 by architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. Penna also says he’s influenced by Deconstruction - the school of philosophy initiated by Jacques Derrida and the psychoanalytic approach of Jacques Lacan. The four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom, property will be an open-concept space with floor to ceiling unobstructed views of a private back garden. An open plan kitchen, dining room, and great room create the ideal atmosphere for entertaining, while still obtaining a family living appeal. A spacious office with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors in the front of the home offers a serene and sweeping space.
The abode will also include a wrap-around pool and Jacuzzi, complete with an infinity waterfall, that’s accessible through exposed sliding glass doors. What really distinguishes “the Glass House” from modernist architects is the fact that the design is not primarily set for function, but it is also to create a building design that can be seen as a sculpture. The contemporary Glass House not only tries to stay away from the pure functionalism and simple forms of Mid-Century architecture, by giving emphasis to the building aesthetic towards a sculptural design, but it also incorporates sustainability design with LEED standards.
web link - 3D walk-through video of RNA Glass House.
Penna, the architect firm’s design leader who holds a grandfathered LEED AP® accreditation, is thrilled to be building Fort Lauderdale’s first glass house by LEED standards, notes a press release. LEED AP accreditation is through the U.S. Green Building Council, a private, membership-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in building design, construction, and operation. In an exclusive interview with Curbed Miami, Penna explained that even though the project owner didn’t request a LEED certified home, his RNA team built it with LEED’s sustainability principles.
For Penna’s version of the “Glass House,” he focused on three LEED standards —energy-efficiency design, innovation in design, and recycled materials which, for all intended purposes, makes for a green design home.
“Because the project location is in Florida, we [were] inspired by Miami architects that use as a concept energy-efficiency design, providing shading, daylight-efficiency, and cross ventilation,” Penna says. For example, Penna and company used high-end daylight and sunlight computer simulator software to create a canopy that blocks direct sunlight at noon and during the summer to reach the interior of the home. There’s more innovation.
For instance, in the living room, a sun-shelf redirects year-long direct sunlight beams that passes through the skylight to become a source of natural light to illuminate the space, Penna says.“The redirection of the sunlight will enhance daylight levels, distribution and quantity,” Penna says. “This is a great way to save money on electricity for the entire year.”
The home also uses composite wood (a form of recycled wood with thermoplastic components), high energy-efficiency heating pumps, roof icynene insulation from renewable materials, and insulated low-e glass.
By Carla St. Louis Reporter Curbed Miami
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Fun and Interesting facts about Ecuador

Check out this awesome list of craziest and most interesting facts about Ecuador!

Are you wondering what are some of the most interesting facts about

Ecuador, other than the ones we all know?

These are some fun and interesting facts. I have been gathering this information from my own experiences and accompanied by some research.

And found these to be some fun interesting Ecuador facts and its rich culture.


Before visiting or traveling to Ecuador, you might like to check them out!


1.-The only country named after an imaginary line.

Its capital city of Quito, as well as its delightful Galapagos islands, which belong to Ecuador, are crossed by the Equator Line. And it is the only country named after an imaginary line


2.-The country where Panama hat is genuinely from!

Panama hat´s origin is genuinely made in Ecuador and its original name

is “Sombrero de Montecristi”  which in late 1800´s werere sent to Panama and they became popular among the workers due to its lightweight, comfortable to

wear and the unique properties of the straw which greatly adapted to tropical


In 1906 it was worn by Theodore Roosevelt during his visit to Panama to check the progress of the canal as a local gift, which was an error because it

came from Ecuador, since then, it started to gain popularity as the Panama


Montecrísti is the name of the small town where it is originally hand weaved, it is located in the province of Manabi, this is the place where you can find

many weavers (especially women) at their houses and workshops.


3.- The place where costelations from the two hemispheres can be seen!

Constellations from the south and north hemisphere can be seen in a clear night between June, July, and August it is said that pre-Incas and the following generations until these days, where able to see the north and south constellations from Ecuador since it is located in the world’s belly! for example, the Great Bear from the north as well as the Southern Cross (crux).


4.- Exactly where the two hemispheres meet!

Although the Equator Line crosses many countries, Ecuador is quite popular and proud of its Equator line Monument and solar museum, perhaps because of the fact that this line crosses it´s capital city of Quito towards the north end, becoming very handy to visit it while visiting Quito, by taking a Quito tour, driving there or riding a bus, an Equator line tour can be very fun and interesting due to the experiments that are shown at the Solar museum to demonstrate you are located right at the world´s belly. For example the famous equator egg balancing experiment.


5.- Ecuador the real Banana Republic!

Banana republic 19% of Ecuador´s export products are Bananas the second largest income after crude oil which was 29% as of 2017. Ecuador is one of the largest exporters of flavorful quality bananas. And yes the red bananas exist and are delicious as well, this is a banana that is occasionally found, while it does not have a specific time of the year to be found, it can be seen at the open markets twice or the most three times per year. (source INEC).

6.- Guinea Pig or Cuy, an Ecuadorian delicacy!

The guinea pig is an Ecuadorian delicacy, while in many countries guinea pigs are children’s pets and baptized with names, in Ecuador these delicious animals are called lunch, it is said that Guinea pig is one of the healthiest


meat, since they are fed only with alfalfa. This can be roasted fried or grilled, and served with potatoes and peanut sauce.

in Spanish, they are called “Cuy” due to the sound they make, cuy, cuy, cuy.


7.- Home to three heritage sites!

Three heritage sites despite the size of the country, that is awesome! Quito old town, Cuenca´s old town and the Galapagos Islands are the 3 heritage sites. Although Quito has extended hugely towards the north and south with modern high rises day after day, it has managed to continue preserving the beautiful, Quito old town located at the center part of the city.


8.- The only country in South America that uses the US dollar as an official currency!

The only country in South America that uses the US dollar as an official currency

since the year 2000, Ecuador dropped its currency called Sucre due to a big financial depression which caused the country to adopt the US dollar as an official currency.


10.- Home to the highest volcano from the center of the earth


Home to the highest volcano from the center of the earth and closest place to the sun,

The Chimborazo Volcano since it is close to the Equator it is considered to be the highest volcano due to the distance from the center of the earth. Since the

earth is wider close to the equator and at the same time and for the same reason the place closes to the sun.


11.-Considered the most empathetic country

The most empathetic country based in a study by the Michigan state university in 2016, Ecuador was chosen as the most empathetic country. Michigan state university (MSU) used 104,365 people aged between 18 and 90 years old and spread across 63 countries to determine which nation, on average, contains the most and least empathetic individuals.

  1. 1. Ecuador
  2. 2. Saudi Arabia
  3. 3. Perú

(Source: MSU)

12.- Ecuador is home to the Yasuní national park

Ecuador is home to the Yasuní national park, this is a protected area considered the area with most biodiversity on the planet for its wealth, in amphibians, birds, mammals, plants. This park is the place on earth with most animal species, per square hectare. Located in the far east side of Ecuador.


13.- World finest cacao producers!

Ecuador produces the world finest cacao known as the National cacao also known as the fine aromatic or the Arriba. For a chocolate to be considered a good quality chocolate, at least 12% of its cacao has to be of the fine aromatic cacao. This cacao is produced in some Ecuadorian provinces as Esmeraldas Manabi, Guayas, Los Rios and to the east in the provinces of Napo, Sucumbios, and Orellana


14.- Four climatological regions and ninety ecosystems!

Due to so many variations in altitudes in Ecuador, there are 4 climatological regions and 90 ecosystems. Making this country so diverse in every way.


15.- Twelve hours of light all year round!

Ecuador has the privilege to have approximately twelve hours of daylight all year round and almost stable temperatures in every region with just slight variations. Sunrises at 6 am and sets at 6 pm with an approximate variation of

1o minutes between summer and winter. This sunlight is especially good for agricultural purposes.


16.- Rose land!

If you love roses Ecuador is the place to visit a rose lantation and learn how they are cultivated, roses are one of the products that get the benefit of natural and perpendicular sunlight all day and all year round, making the stem straight, thicker and the size of the rose buttons are bigger. An Ecuadorian rose lasts an average of 4 weeks from the day they are harvested. Ecuadorian roses are famous worldwide because of their top quality. The second biggest rose exporters, the closest competitors are Colombia and Kenia


17.-Tricky menu at Ecuadorian restaurants

  1. The menu at an Ecuadorian restaurant can be a little tricky normally you will read sopa de carne (meat soup) or empanadas de carne (meat empanadas), where if you translate it to English “carne”, means “meat” so in this case, you must assume it is talking about beef, because all the other types of meat are pointed out, for example, sopa de pollo (chicken soup), or fritada de pollo, chancho (pried pork chops or fried chicken chops) .


Also, a typical Ecuadorian dish called “Seco de chivo” which chivo translated to English will mean goat, it is wrongly called seco de chivo since it is a stew made with lamb so it is a “Lamb Stew” which will often be in the menu at the many Ecuadorian restaurants since it is a typical Ecuadorian dish.


If you came this far reading, and are interested in any of this cultural topics and would like to learn about them more in depth; we offer tours related to this themes.


Quito old town and Equator line tour

Cotopaxi volcano tour

Quilotoa loop tour

Otavalo market tour

Mindo tour from Quito and chocolate tour

Ecuador Jungle

Quito to Banos tour

Alternative Medicine as An Effective Alternative to Conventional Medicine

W miarę postępu w XXI wieku dokonaliśmy wielu postępów i postępów w medycynie dzięki nowym odkryciom w chemii, biologii i fizyce. Medycyna konwencjonalna, nasz ogólnie przyjęty system wiedzy medycznej, jest praktykowana prawie wyłącznie w Stanach Zjednoczonych i za granicą. Korzystając z tego systemu, lekarze i inni pracownicy służby zdrowia leczą choroby za pomocą leków, promieniowania lub operacji. Medycyna konwencjonalna znana jest również jako medycyna alopatyczna, głównego nurtu, nowoczesna lub zachodnia.


Odwiedź naszą kleferein sklep


Jako zaawansowane technicznie społeczeństwo, jesteśmy dumni z naszych osiągnięć w nauce, ale współczesna medycyna nie rozwiązała jeszcze naszych problemów zdrowotnych. Istnieje kilka chorób, takich jak rak, dystrofia mięśniowa, stwardnienie rozsiane oraz wiele poważnych i przewlekłych chorób, w których leczenie trwa od wielu, wielu lat. Ci, którzy cierpią z powodu nieuleczalnych chorób, kwestionują prawdziwy postęp współczesnej medycyny i zastanawiają się, biorąc pod uwagę nowoczesne innowacje w nauce, jeśli w ogóle dokonały tak dużego postępu. Codziennie doświadczamy cudów nauk medycznych w dziedzinie medycyny nuklearnej i medycyny ratunkowej, immunologii, chirurgii i badań lekarskich, az pewnością systemy te są niezwykle ważne, ale rzeczywiste zapobieganie chorobom i leczenie wielu chorób przewlekłych wciąż wymyka się współczesnym placówka medyczna.


Od wieków istniała siła napędowa medycyny alternatywnej, a motywacją było leczenie innych. Chociaż lekarze medycyny alternatywnej i ich pacjenci zgłaszają skuteczne wyniki, istnieją osoby, które proponują, że taki lek jest oszukańczy i jest praktykowany przez osoby niewystarczające lub niedoświadczone. Z pewnością może to być prawdą w niektórych przypadkach, ale dotyczyło to również konwencjonalnych lekarzy, którym cofnięto licencje z powodu zaniedbania lub niekompetencji.


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Modere a Scam

In this video I'm going to talk about the network marketing MLM company Modere and is it a scam or Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme. You'll discover five reasons why Modere is an awesome MLM or network marketing opportunity. If you want to build your dream business online you have come to the right place. Set up a time to chat here:


Also, I'll tell more about the Modere comp plan and the referral system.


Julie Reynolds is a leader in the network marketing industry who has had success building a team of over 1000 people.  She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.




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